November 9, 1999

After Stern jokingly calls Trump “Mister President” and plays “Hail to the Chief,” they discuss his 2000 presidential candidacy. Then-girlfriend Melania Knauss takes the phone and speaks with Stern about her sex life with Trump.


0:05 Howard: "My theory is that Donald isn't really running for President" Robin: "You think he's just promoting a book!"
0:16 Trump: "Am I allowed to date your wife?"
2:05 Stern: "You have some beautiful girlfriend. Holy mackerel!"
2:16 Trump: "You and I will travel around during the late hours of the night -- which presidential candidates aren't supposed to be doing"
2:46 Trump discusses accomplished men who aren't able to date attractive women.
3:30 Discussion of Trump's Reform Party candidacy for the 2000 Presidential election.
4:40 Stern and Trump discuss whether presidents enjoy the job.
5:03 On the Clintons' marriage.
5:25 Discussion of Melania Knauss
5:38 On Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate.
6:03 Trump: "Well I guess you do still see racism out there -- occasionally there's racism out there"
6:19 Discussion of Trump "monogamy" with Melania.
7:33 Trump on Melania: "She's quiet, beautiful, very nice and very smart"
8:05 Trump on Rudy Giuliani's tenure as mayor of New York City.
8:42 Trump on Hillary Clinton: "I think she's very nice"
9:10 Trump on the institution of marriage.
11:25 Trump on Melania: "I watch grown men weep [when they see her]"
15:35 Trump: "You know how Gore has spent $22 million [on the election]? I've spent exactly $22 million less than that"
15:46 Trump and Stern discuss nightlife
16:56 Trump: "Even in these polls, the people that dislike me the most, by far, are the rich people"
18:25 Trump: "Well you have to endorse me Howard"
18:30 Trump discusses the candidates for the 2000 election and his strengths as a candidate.
19:46 Melania Knauss speaks with Howard and Robin.
22:13 Trump and Stern discuss Stern's reaction to his conversation with Melania.
23:35 Trump expresses mock outrage that a "presidential candidate" is being treated like this.
24:07 Trump: "There are those who say that if President Clinton was caught with a supermodel [rather than Monica Lewinsky], he would have been everyone's hero"
24:37 Stern makes more jokes about a "President Trump"