January 7, 2004

Sirius/XM ordered TrumpOnStern.com to take down all audio on Oct. 6, 2018. While this audio served a important public service and was clearly fair use, we do not have the resources to prove this in court.

Trump appears in the studio to discuss his new TV show, The Apprentice.  Trump also spends several minutes marveling at Stern’s new intern, Julie.  They discuss Melania, Trump’s children, and other subjects.

Notable moments include:

  • Trump claims Michael Jackson met his wife, Lisa Marie Presely, at Mar-a-Lago.
  • Trump says that Michael Jackson invited a 10-year-old Eric Trump to stay at the Neverland Ranch, and is glad he didn’t let that happen.
  • Trump says that he was amazed at Paris Hilton’s beauty when she was 12 years old, but wasn’t really sexually interested in her at that point.
  • Trump calls his daughter Ivanka “one of the great beauties” with “a great body,” but claims “I wouldn’t let me date her”
  • Trump heaps praise on Tom Brady and says he wishes Ivanka would date Brady.



0:29 Trump: "I'm always happy"
0:58 Trump find Stern's new intern, Julie, very attractive.
2:24 Trump and Stern grill Julie the intern about her boyfriend. Trump asks "what's that scumbag do?"
5:10 Trump and Stern discuss The Apprentice.
8:13 Trump calls producer Mark Burnett, "really a brilliant guy."
8:26 Stern asks Trump about Melania.
9:10 Trump discusses his children.
9:34 Trump admits that he has "never been that involved" with his children. He says he's "not good before [the children are] the age of 21"
10:17 Trump discusses potentially having children with Melania and expresses confidence that her body would "spring back" after pregnancy, and tells a story of a friend whose wife become fat after having a child.
11:36 Trump says that he has been faithful to Melania.
11:52 Stern asks Trump if he would be willing to have group sex with him, Beth and Melania.
12:05 Trump claims to have never had a drink of alcohol.
12:32 Trump discusses Rush Limbaugh's addiction to painkillers.
13:49 Trump discusses his net worth and what he was paid for The Apprentice.
14:35 Discussion Melania's body, and Trump penis size, and a potential orgy in a hot tub.
16:04 An extended discussion of how rarely Melania defecates.
17:46 Discussion of Marla Maples.
18:38 Trump and Stern discuss Jay Leno, who Stern despises. Trump defends Leno and feels that he's underrated.
20:19 Trump discusses Michael Jackson. He claims that Jackson met his ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, at Mar-a-Lago, and that he lived in Trump Tower.
20:40 Trump calls 1980s Michel Jackson "the greatest superstar since Elvis"
21:15 Trump tells a story about Michael Jackson inviting his son Eric Trump to have a sleepover at Neverland Ranch.
22:33 Stern asks Trump to name the "three hottest chicks right now aside from Melania".
23:11 Trump claims that celebrities today aren't as attractive as they used to be, and names Audrey Hepburn as an example.
23:37 Trump discusses Keira Knightly
23:58 Trump discuses Paris Hilton. He says that she is very beautiful, and that he's known her since she was 12. Howard asks if he thought she was "hot" at age 12, and Trump said she was beautiful but "at 12 I wasn't interested, I've never been into that."
24:49 Trump discusses Paris Hilton's sex tape.
25:31 Trump calls his daughter Ivanka Trump "one of the great beauties according to everybody.," and says that "she's got the best body."
24:56 Stern asks Trump if he would be allowed to date Ivanka. Trump says "Howard is too much like me. I would never allow me to date my daughter."
26:25 Trump loves Patriots player Tom Brady and wants him to date Ivanka.
27:23 Discussion of Trump's opinion of his daughter dating black men and firing Miss Universe 2002, Oxana Fedorova for her behavior on the Howard Stern show.
28:30 Trump discusses the new Apprentice time slot and his rivalry with producer Les Moonves.
29:14 Trump claims to give the money he makes on The Apprentice to charity.
29:25 Trump reminisces about life before AIDS, when he didn't have to wear condoms. He also adds "well I don't need to [wear them] anymore because she's so faithful." He also says that Melania is on the birth control pill, and that he trusts her to be truthful about that.
30:06 Trump claims that Marla Maples lied about taking birth control, but that he's glad it happened because he had Tiffany.
30:24 Trump claims that he has never videotaped himself having sex and says, "I've never even thought of doing it"
30:53 Trump claims to sleep only 4 hours per night.