November 9, 1999

Sirius/XM ordered to take down all audio on Oct. 6, 2018. While this audio served a important public service and was clearly fair use, we do not have the resources to prove this in court.

After Stern jokingly calls Trump “Mister President” and plays “Hail to the Chief,” they discuss his 2000 presidential candidacy. Then-girlfriend Melania Knauss takes the phone and speaks with Stern about her sex life with Trump.


0:05 Howard: "My theory is that Donald isn't really running for President" Robin: "You think he's just promoting a book!"
0:16 Trump: "Am I allowed to date your wife?"
2:05 Stern: "You have some beautiful girlfriend. Holy mackerel!"
2:16 Trump: "You and I will travel around during the late hours of the night -- which presidential candidates aren't supposed to be doing"
2:46 Trump discusses accomplished men who aren't able to date attractive women.
3:30 Discussion of Trump's Reform Party candidacy for the 2000 Presidential election.
4:40 Stern and Trump discuss whether presidents enjoy the job.
5:03 On the Clintons' marriage.
5:25 Discussion of Melania Knauss
5:38 On Oprah Winfrey as a potential running mate.
6:03 Trump: "Well I guess you do still see racism out there -- occasionally there's racism out there"
6:19 Discussion of Trump "monogamy" with Melania.
7:33 Trump on Melania: "She's quiet, beautiful, very nice and very smart"
8:05 Trump on Rudy Giuliani's tenure as mayor of New York City.
8:42 Trump on Hillary Clinton: "I think she's very nice"
9:10 Trump on the institution of marriage.
11:25 Trump on Melania: "I watch grown men weep [when they see her]"
15:35 Trump: "You know how Gore has spent $22 million [on the election]? I've spent exactly $22 million less than that"
15:46 Trump and Stern discuss nightlife
16:56 Trump: "Even in these polls, the people that dislike me the most, by far, are the rich people"
18:25 Trump: "Well you have to endorse me Howard"
18:30 Trump discusses the candidates for the 2000 election and his strengths as a candidate.
19:46 Melania Knauss speaks with Howard and Robin.
22:13 Trump and Stern discuss Stern's reaction to his conversation with Melania.
23:35 Trump expresses mock outrage that a "presidential candidate" is being treated like this.
24:07 Trump: "There are those who say that if President Clinton was caught with a supermodel [rather than Monica Lewinsky], he would have been everyone's hero"
24:37 Stern makes more jokes about a "President Trump"