February 27, 2013

Sirius/XM ordered TrumpOnStern.com to take down all audio on Oct. 6, 2018. While this audio served a important public service and was clearly fair use, we do not have the resources to prove this in court.

Trump calls in to discuss Mark Cuban and how his various television shows compare to The Apprentice.  They also discuss the Academy Awards, “Django Unchained,” the power of Twitter, owning sports teams, Kim Kardashian, a Miss Teen USA scandal, and the merits of actress Anne Hathaway.


0:31 Trump disputes Mark Cuban's claim that Shark Tank gets better ratings than The Apprentice and other "knock offs"
5:30 Trump: "I just like the truth Howard, I'm an extremely truthful person"
6:31 Trump discusses his friendship with George Steinbrenner
7:21 Discussion of Trump's involvement with the United States Football League
7:46 Discussion of Trump's pageant ownership and Miss Teen Delaware's involvement in pornography
8:10 Trump discusses Kim Kardashian and her "big trunk" (buttocks)
8:38 Trump: "Howard, you know I'm not that kind of a person - looks don't matter to me"
9:08 Trump says that political correctness is destroying the country
9:21 Trump discusses Rosie O'Donnell
9:58 More on the Miss Delaware scandal and the nature of pageants
12:58 Trump talks about his Twitter account being hacked
14:10 Trump on his Twitter followers "I have very important followers - I have haters, I have losers and I have reporters"
14:36 Trump says that Pope Benedict XVI should "just die"
15:13 Trump says that Mitt Romney "didn't resonate"
15:46 Trump suggests that newspapers like the New York Times are doomed in the face of new mediums like Twitter
16:38 Discussion of the 2013 Academy Awards
18:05 Trump and Stern disagree on the merits of actress Anne Hathaway
19:16 Trump does not like the movie "Django Unchained" - he calls the movie racist and feels that it is a bad influence on children. He calls Stern, who liked the movie, "politically correct"
21:56 Discussion of Trump's sex life with Melania, how she is "naturally in shape," and how he "fell in love with her soul."
23:40 Trump discusses The Apprentice's Nielsen ratings.
23:55 Trump on Melania: "When she's 80, 90, I would still consider her a great beauty and a great wife."