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06 2013

Probably the most political Trump’s interviews with Stern.  Trump discusses gay marriage, abortion, his feud with Bill Maher, gun control, North Korea, trade with China, the 2012 election, his hatred for political consultants, and the Iraq War.  He also makes time to rate the attractiveness of female celebrities.

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10 2006

Trump calls in to promote his new book, “Why We Want You to be Rich.”  He makes time to rate women (Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Princess Diana), bad mouth Mark Cuban, discuss his daughter Ivanka’s rumored relationship with cyclist Lance Armstrong, and speculate on how we would handle North…

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16 2004

Trump starts by talking about how easy he is to work for and the winner of the first season of his television show The Apprentice. They also discuss doing Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, the “huge” ratings for the Apprentice (24 million people watched one episode), Howard Stern’s trip to…

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