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08 2008

Stern calls Donald Trump to get his take on the news that French President Nicholas Sarkozy is in a relationship with Carla Bruni, a supermodel and singer-songwriter.

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10 2007

A description is not yet available for this interview.

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16 2004

Trump calls in to discuss The Apprentice, and how it is superior to other similar shows (such as Mark Cuban’s The Benefactor and Richard Branson’s The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best).  He also mentions writing letters to both Cuban and Branson (Branson’s letter is covered here,…

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23 2004

Stern and Trump discuss their mutual disdain for the Iraq War and George W. Bush, The Apprentice, Mark Cuban, prenuptial agreements, his relationship with Melania, his daughter’s love life, and New England Patriots’ player Tom Brady.

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24 2002

Trump talks about his Taj Mahal casino, his relationship with Melania, his wedding and marriage to Marla Maples, and the upcoming fight that he is hosting between Stern show regulars “Stuttering” John Melendez and “Crazy Cabbie.”…

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