January 11, 1993

Sirius/XM ordered TrumpOnStern.com to take down all audio on Oct. 6, 2018. While this audio served a important public service and was clearly fair use, we do not have the resources to prove this in court.

This is a recording of Stern’s 1993 birthday party.  Donald Trump appears as a guest and has an extended phone call with Jerry Seinfeld.


0:30 Discussion of Trump's germophobia.
1:30 Stern asks Trump about his financial success, and Trump says that his casinos have been doing well.
1:50 Robin alludes to Trump's notorious ski trip where his wife (Ivana Trump) met his then-misstress (Marla Maples). There's also more discussion of fidelity in relationships and his "friendship" with Marla Maples.
3:35 Trump claims that makes stars out of every women he has a relationship with.
3:45 Discussion of Trump's claimed $25 million divorce settlement with Ivana, which he claims she violated by writing a book (1992's For Love Alone). He also complains about her commercials and interview with Barbara Walters. Trump claims to still love Ivana and defends her as the mother of his children.
5:30 Trump says that he has wealthy friends who aren't able to attract women, unlike him and that "money is not the predominant factor." He tells Robin he has a friend who "looooves black women."
6:38 Trump says that his germophobia does cause problems with sex, and compares his struggles with sexually transmitted disease to Vietnam (a joke that he has made several times) - "we have our own Vietnam -- it's called the dating game."
7:20 Trump says that he read a report saying that it's possible to transmit AIDS by kissing, and continues talking about diseases and dating.
8:25 Stern claims that Trump has all his women get AIDS tests, and they have an extended discussion of AIDS prevention, including suggestions that people with AIDS be tattooed.
10:08 Jerry Seinfeld joins by phone.
10:35 Discussion of Seinfeld dating Tawny Kitaen (an actress known for her role in the music video for "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake).
10:50 Trump says that he's never heard of woman having an abortion after he's gotten her pregnant.
12:26 Trump: "Let's just say, if you bring a woman to Mar-a-Lago and you can't do well, you have problems"
14:00 Trump congratulates Seinfeld when he is told that he stole actor Grant Shaud's girlfriend (known for playing Miles on Murphy Brown).
14:50 Trump claims that he is particular and doesn't rush to have sex with a new woman, and wants to remarry and have more children.
16:09 Discussion of jealousy.
16:39 Discussion of Marla Maples' claim that Trump was "the best I ever had." Trump says "I think I'd rather have the reputation than the fact."
17:43 Stern asks Trump why he "rushed" to marry Ivana when he was rich and having fun. Trump claims that he lost his virginity at 14.
18:47 Trump talks more about losing his virginity to "the hot little girl in high school."
19:35 Trump calls his early sex life "a rampage," and claims that he was faithful to Ivana for "many years, until I realized the marriage wasn't going to work." He also says that Ivanka's accent began to grate on his as years went by.
21:25 Trump doesn't recommend marrying women with foreign accents. "It's great for the first year but after that it can be murder."
23:07 Stern asks women in attendance if they would rather have sex with Trump or Seinfeld. Stern's sister chooses Trump, Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling's wife chooses Seinfeld, and May Pang (girlfriend of John Lennon in the early 1970s) chooses both.
25:04 Extended discussion of Princess Diana. Stern mother says she heard that Princess Diana wanted to buy an apartment in Trump Tower - Trump confirms the story. He also discusses his attraction to her. Stern claims she is mentally ill.
28:32 Trump claims that he hasn't had sex at all that week.
29:55 Trump discusses an upcoming party at Mar-a-Lago.
30:40 Gary claims that all the female interns "have been fighting to determine who gets to escort Mr. Trump out" (Gary always calls him "Mr. Trump"). Stern has the interns introduce themselves to Trump.
33:20 Trump says that he has never had a homosexual experience, although he claims to have been approached by men "many times."