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24 2002

Trump talks about his Taj Mahal casino, his relationship with Melania, his wedding and marriage to Marla Maples, and the upcoming fight that he is hosting between Stern show regulars “Stuttering” John Melendez and “Crazy Cabbie.”…

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18 2000

Trump discusses his list of the most beautiful women: Melania Knauss Ivana Trump Princess Diana Michelle Pfeiffer Cameron Diaz Julia Roberts Cindy Crawford Mariah Carey Gwyneth Paltrow Diane Sawyer Trump has a long history of rating women based on their physical appearance, and some have suggested that it…

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07 1998

A description is not yet available for this interview.

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04 1997

Trump appears in studio to promote his new book, Trump: The Art of the Comeback. His co-writer, Kate Bohner, also joins him.

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09 1995

Stern and Trump discuss the cover of Howard’s new book, “Miss America.”  Howard also jokes about Trump’s lack of service in Vietnam before talking about Trump’s work with Vietnam veterans’ charities. Later Trump promotes his turn as the Grand Marshal of the 1995 Nation’s Parade, a large New York…

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11 1993

This is a recording of Stern’s 1993 birthday party.  Donald Trump appears as a guest and has an extended phone call with Jerry Seinfeld.

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