April 16, 2004

Sirius/XM ordered TrumpOnStern.com to take down all audio on Oct. 6, 2018. While this audio served a important public service and was clearly fair use, we do not have the resources to prove this in court.

Trump starts by talking about how easy he is to work for and the winner of the first season of his television show The Apprentice.

They also discuss doing Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, the “huge” ratings for the Apprentice (24 million people watched one episode), Howard Stern’s trip to Mar-a-Lago and the club’s size and membership fees, and the state of his hair. Robin talks about allegations that Trump doesn’t have as much money as he says he does.

Trump talks about his opposition to the invasion of Iraq because “this guy [Saddam Hussein] used to keep the terrorists out – he’d kill the terrorists.”

They then discuss The Apprentice at length, including an alleged racial slur that one contestant called fellow contestant and “heel” Omarosa Manigault.  Trump said that he doesn’t believe Omarosa and calls her a liar.

Trump says that he’s “gotten in a lot of trouble for being honest on your show”.

Trump complains that Apprentice contestants turned down payment for posing nude in Playboy but posed for free in FHM.

Trump describes John Kerry as a “very good friend of mine,” and says that George W. Bush made a terrible mistake in Iraq and a terrible mistake by sending the FCC after Howard Stern. Stern goes on a rant about the Bush administration, implying that the FCC is going after him for political reasons. Stern also complains about the constraints put on him by being on the public airways rather than something like HBO.

They talk more about the Iraq war and North Korea making nuclear weapons, how much he likes the Bush tax cuts, and how low interest rates are driving the economy.

A caller asks “how many of those bitches” from The Apprentice Trump would have has sex with if it weren’t for Melania. Another caller asks about the giant painting of Trump that is at his club.

Stern and Trump also discuss radio personality Don Imus.